Community BBQ & Talks at StreetCulture Utrecht

22 september – Beton T Europalaan 2B Utrecht

Time schedule: Street Culture Utrecht 2022

13h00 – 16h30: Skate & BMX Contest, graffiti & DJ’s (Noble Goods Co. & Prime)

16h30 – 19h30: Community BBQ & Talks (Freedom City & VUUUR)

19h30 – 20h00: Premiere film Legends of the Roof (KOSMIK & Laswerkplaats)

20h00 – 23h00: Music & DJ’s (Utcast)

Topics: collaboration, increasing network, potential of street culture communities.

Let us know if you will be there!

P.s: If you will also be eating at the community BBQ you can complete the 5€ payment by clicking right here

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